Who is Sumiko? Mike finally gets to the bottom of it.

One Saturday in October Shux and I headed out of town a little ways to an American-style shopping mall. At one of the clothing stores two songs were being played on repeat over the loudspeakers. The songs were in Japanese, so I asked what it was, thinking I’ll go look for the CD later on. They said it was Sumiko, an anime (cartoon) character.

There’s tons of anime characters in Japan, and I assumed this was yet another one. But I couldn’t find anything on Sumiko on the net (as it turns out, I was looking for スミコ while her name is スミ子). Even worse, I couldn’t find anything at the record stores either. I thought it’d be easy, given the amount of publicity the songs were getting at that clothing store.

This week I was at the Tower Records in Shinjuku and decided to get to the bottom of this matter. I asked at the information counter about this Japanese anime character named Sumiko… and after a few minutes of the lady Googling, we realized Sumiko was owned by that clothing store, and the merchandise was only available there.

Now that I know how to spell her name, though, I was able to find the music videos online. Enjoy!