I Be from Jamaica, Mon… Right Near da Beach

Thurgood Jenkins: I be from Jamaica, mon. Lord have mercy.
Samson Simpson: What part of Jamaica?
Thurgood Jenkins: Right near da beach. Boy-eeee!

But my post has nothing to do with Half-Baked.

Took a while to post… my excuse? I upgraded the blog software and didn’t get things fully working… yeah, that’s it 😉

The programming contest went well. We didn’t win. We didn’t even get close, really. It won’t be totally wrong to compare us to the Jamaican bobsled team; we came to give it a shot.

Still, it was pretty fun. If another contest comes up with more familiar technologies, I’d be keen to have another go.

On another note, in January I wrote about a guy who killed his wife and unborn baby and got a 3 year sentence. Today I learned his sentence has been extended to 5 years. No, I’m not fascinated with that case or anything, just came across the headline and remembered writing about it in the past 😉