On to Bigger and Better Things… Soon!

It’s a strange feeling, being unemployed…

Yesterday was my last day of work with the Singapore team at Platform. I’ve been working with them since moving to Japan, but it was only a contract position. Now, I’m officially unemployed.

There are a couple reasons why I don’t have another job. First, I hardly speak Japanese. This narrows my options to a handful of companies staffed with foreigners and the big banks. Second, the banks are going through a tough time with the sub-prime crisis or whatever, so they’re cutting jobs. The finance IT job market is therefore cluttered with experienced people with whom I, with no financial experience, must compete.

It hasn’t been a fun few months when it comes to job search, but something will come up. There are still a few opportunities that haven’t ended in a “No” yet. Until something materializes, I have lots of time to study up both in technical areas and in Japanese.