Helpful People

How can you get lost, even with a map and directions? Don’t ask… Then, we embark on a quest for chestnuts. With a little help from complete strangers.

This past weekend, Shux and I headed to the Good Honest Grub in Ebisu for brunch. We couldn’t find the restaurant we set out for, so Shux stepped into a Tully’s for directions. One of the workers asked what the place is called, then went into a back room, looked it up, printed the map from the website, came outside with us to point us in the directions we should head. Very nice!

Unfortunately, we still didn’t manage to find it*… but we came across a different place, Fummy’s Grill, and ate there. I had one of the best eggs benedict, ever. They were delicious. And they came with the best potato wedges, too, they were perfect. Mmm…

* Shux tells me that apparently the Ebisu location has been closed …for about 3 years!

After brunch we checked out an English used bookstore, and picked up a couple of Japanese food cookbooks. While we’re living here, might as well try cooking some local fare, when the ingredients are fresh and readily available at any grocery store!


So on the way back we stopped to pick up some things for dinner. We’re standing in an aisle, trying to figure out which dashi powder to buy — the one in the package looks white, the one in the book looks yellowish, what about this pasty looking stuff? After a while we just picked two of them, figuring at least one should be what we’re looking for.

We got all our ingredients except for chestnuts. As the lady at the cash register is ringing our items through, Shux opens the cookbook and points to a picture saying “Chestnut?” The lady looks and looks, shakes her head… calls one of her co-workers, he comes to take a look… another customer leans over, the lady from the neighboring cash register also looks, and all of a sudden we have a small crowd looking at this chestnut picture. “Chestnut-to?”

We didn’t find any chestnuts at that store, despite the many helpful sets of eyes. We got home, searched the net for more details on what these ingredients really were, then hit another grocery store to try our luck. No fresh chestnuts there either, but there were some in the snack aisle, ready to eat. These would do just fine…