Keep Your Source Clean: Don’t Worry About Generated Files

Don’t dirty your source and don’t worry about generated files.

Working with OpenSim recently, I didn’t want to have to worry about checking in generated files by accident, or filtering my git status output in order to determine what I changed and was generated. In this post, I’ll describe how I do this and outline some tools I use to make it easy.

The basic premise in my development style is that I build the project in a separate directory than where the checked out code lives:

# checked out code lives in ~/source/opensim
$ cd ~/source
$ svn co opensim

# the workspace is where I build and run the project
$ mkdir ~/source/workspace

Then, to build and run the code:

# first I rsync the code to the workspace, skipping .svn folders
# and other unneeded files
$ rsync -avz --exclude=\.svn [...] ~/source/opensim/ ~/source/workspace/

# then I run prebuild and compile
$ cd ~/source/workspace
$ mono bin/Prebuild.exe /target nant
$ nant

This way I never have to filter through generated files when inspecting or committing my changes, and I don’t commit generated files by mistake.


I have a set of scripts I use when developing OpenSim on Linux (I also use some of the scripts on Windows with cygwin). The scripts are available on github.

All those above commands are encapsulated in, a single script which takes two arguments, the first is the name of the directory in ~/source/ in which the source
lives, and the second is the name of the directory in ~/source/ in which to build:

# this one command performs the rsync, prebuild and nant steps from above
$ opensim workspace

Another key part is the script which removes all build artifacts from the workspace directory, while keeping all configuration files in
place. I use this whenever I need to do a clean build.

My typical session looks like this:

$ cd ~/source/opensim
$ git svn rebase                   # pull the latest changes from upstream
$ vim -p file1 file2 ...           # open the files I'll be working on

... edit source ...

$ opensim workspace    # rsync, prebuild, build

... in another terminal, run & test ...
... make more edits ...

# sync only changed files, rebuild only what's needed
$ os_build_sh opensim workspace

... make big changes requiring clean build ...

# removes everything except config files
$ workspace
$ opensim workspace

There are also other helper scripts for cleaning the database, running unit tests, and other tasks. Have a look!

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