Spring Snowboarding at Nakazato

A weekend well spent in the sun, working on our mountain carving skills.

This past weekend some people from Shux’s work went on their annual ski/snowboard trip, and we tagged along. This year the destination was mount Nakazato, near the skiing mecca of Echigo-Yuzawa in Niigata prefecture.

Unlike last year, we had extremely warm weather. Too warm, perhaps; the snow was wet and sticky and heavy. Not the greatest.

It was surprisingly not busy (particularly for Japan), I think I waited in a short queue for the lift about twice the whole weekend. Maybe the weather put most people off? The ski resort also celebrated their 50th anniversary that Saturday night with a pretty fireworks display.

Both of us worked on our snowboarding over the weekend, and we’ve made some progress. I can turn most of the time, and Shux is excellent on her heel edge.

Check out some pictures in the usual place. Was a lot of fun! If all goes well, I’ll head out another time or two this spring.

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